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The Yin & Yang of Being Beaten by Your Kid

I have three claims-to-fame in my 39 years on this lovely planet. I once placed 2nd in a BMX bike race. Seven years old. My first BMX bike. A brand new birthday helmet. A big dirt track with hills and … Continue reading

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MenEssentials: Smell Waaay Better than Your Grandmother on Fire.

A few weeks ago the Dude was in need of some new beardscaping products. I conducted the perfunctory Google investigation and turned up too much and too little. Too many options with too little details. I quickly turned to Amazon … Continue reading

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Meditation: The Ultimate Life Hack? [A Dude’s Guide to What, Why & How]

The Dude is all about some life hacks. Related: 99 Problems But a Hack Ain’t One Simple. But effective. That’s my jam. As I travel down life’s path, I continue to refine. Every aspect of my life. Daily. How can I … Continue reading

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How To Transition from Movember to Winter Beard | A Dude’s Guide to Beard Care

We’ve reached a crucial point of transition in the annual calendar. November to December. Thanksgiving to Christmas. Real world to holiday world. Most importantly, Movember to Winter Beard. You’re feeling good with your Movember scruff, right? A chance to let … Continue reading

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Everyday Mobility: Every Dude Needs to Move

As you may recall, I plan to live to 137. To make that journey worthwhile, I’d like to make movement a prerequisite. In order to maintain, said,  movement, we need to move. Everyday. I’ve mentioned the idea of “mobility” a … Continue reading

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Ninjas, Two Wheels & a Swing

A soup of dude awesomeness. Ninja Class graduation. Little Dude scores a yellow stripe…   Little Dude finds his balance. On two wheels. The Dudeski realizes how much he loves the swing. Look at that smile! Awesome.

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Where Does “Dude” Come From? Seems So Obvious.

Dude could be the perfect word. So simple. So many uses. But where does it come from? Thanks to Slate for the Etymology of Dude. More accurately, thanks to some rad researcher dudes. A massive, decade-long “dude” research project has … Continue reading

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12 Tips for Fatherhood Awesomeness

Short, but sweet. I’d like to think I have a firm grasp on the majority of these tips, but some great reminders never hurt. 12 Tips for being a radical dad [from LifeHack]… Give ’em some love. Spend time with … Continue reading

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Can Ten Tips from a Shaolin Monk Keep the Dude Young Forever?!

I’ve told Mrs. Dude I intend to live to 137. Not sure why 137. Or how to make that possible. But it seems like a good idea to set big goals with life expectancy. I’m psyched to find this sweet … Continue reading

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The Dude Family Tackles “Secrets of Happy Families”

A little known Dude fact: I once attended law school. Yep, a full year of law school – they say the first is the hardest. Then I left. Flunked? Au contraire mon fraire. Killed it. Dean’s list. Law Review. But … Continue reading

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