Open Letter to Google: WTF

Google, you’re pretty awesome.

Love that whole Google search thing. And all your free products are pretty rad.

That sharing all our info with the NSA thing kinda stinks.

But the real travesty? Killing Google Reader. And now ending iGoogle?!

Really, Google? Really? WTF?

I know it’s yours and you let us use it for free. But we dig it.

Do you really need to get your ball and go home?!

While I’m at it, the rest of the interwebs, WTF to you too! You can’t figure out how to copy iGoogle?

Yahoo, you’re getting close. But Marissa, you’ve got some work to do. My suggestion, model is after my iGoogle page…

Dude, out!

Dude's iGoogle

Dude’s iGoogle

No Cable, No Cry {NFL Loophole, Chromecast & Old School TV Antennas}

The Dude’s have been without cable for over two years.

We’ve grown used to it.

It frees our time…sort of. We have Netflix, so we’re still pretty connected.

However, no cable generally = no sports.

Bummer dude.

We’ve missed sports. Until now.

An NFL loophole + Chromecast + old school antenna = sports. Some sports…not all, but some.

NFL for 2 Beans:

Kottke tipped me off to this genius. NFL for $2 per month.

The secret is using an alternate DNS server. Super easy.

This dude lays out the loophole. The post includes a link to legality.

Tip: It’s written for Mac, so the same trick doesn’t work for Windows. I struggled with it for a while and then just used the service without the trick – i.e. Windows won’t allow you to sent Alt. DNS for specific URL’s. Just set for all.


Chromecast = wireless HDMI connection to your TV. Sweetness. Gracias Google.

Add the Chromecast, and I can stream live Pats games to the TV for $2 per month + the $35 Chromecast investment. Not bad.

Old School Antenna:

And the icing on the TV? Old schoolness. A small investment in an old school antenna you get some network TV. Some is the optimal word. We ended up with 7 channels. And only one network, CBS.

Pats on the big screen today. Can’t complain.

Bullet Journal Will Make You an Efficiency Ninja

We all make lists.

Get organized and get ‘er done.

It’s a nice thought.

The reality is generally a bit less efficient.

Scribbled notebook pages and lost post-it notes.

No more.

The Bullet Journal will make you an efficiency ninja.

After a decade of development, web designer Ryder Carroll has released a system for note-taking that promises to change the way you work and play: Bullet Journal.

The perfect mix of calendar, to-do list, and brainstorming notebook.

Super efficient. Almost fun. My new best friend.


Hat tip Fast Company.

PS – I am now in love with Moleskin.

Bonus: How about the Best Pen evaaaaaa?! Perfect for some note taking. From Wirecutter

For an affordable pen that writes smoothly; dries quickly and indelibly; won’t bleed, skip or feather; and has the best ink flow of any non-fountain pen; grab yourself the uni-ball Jetstream. Available in a number of sizes and colors, it’s the best affordable pen around for taking notes at school or a meeting.

Pass the Fluffernutter

I was raised on Fluffernutters. Always seemed as common as a PB & J.

However, as I pointed out in my Y’all vs. You Guys post, it seems colloquialisms extend to food products.

When I moved out of the Northeast – specifically Massachusetts – I realized the rest of the world is currently living in a state Fluff shortage.

Dark times, indeed.

Sure, there are random sightings of Fluff outside of MA, but for the most part, the Fluffernutter is strictly a Masshole tradition.

  • Fluffernutter = marshmallow Fluff and peanut-butter on bread. Toasted is always great because it melts the marshmallow and peanut-butter just a little. The perfect combo.

Don’t be fooled by “marshmallow spread.” Respect the Fluff.

Here’s a great story about the “What the Fluff Fest” from, and a pretty sweet video highlighting the craziness that is the Fluff Fest.

Fluff sold 8 million – with an M! – pounds of sweetness last year.

I will admit the “festival” looks a bit lame. Although, Fluff did lead to an engagement, and you can’t deny the awesomeness that is Fluff.


Hat tip to my Padre for spreading the love.  (You like what I did there? Spread? That’s good stuff.)