Bullet Journal Will Make You an Efficiency Ninja

We all make lists.

Get organized and get ‘er done.

It’s a nice thought.

The reality is generally a bit less efficient.

Scribbled notebook pages and lost post-it notes.

No more.

The Bullet Journal will make you an efficiency ninja.

After a decade of development, web designer Ryder Carroll has released a system for note-taking that promises to change the way you work and play: Bullet Journal.

The perfect mix of calendar, to-do list, and brainstorming notebook.

Super efficient. Almost fun. My new best friend.


Hat tip Fast Company.

PS – I am now in love with Moleskin.

Bonus: How about the Best Pen evaaaaaa?! Perfect for some note taking. From Wirecutter

For an affordable pen that writes smoothly; dries quickly and indelibly; won’t bleed, skip or feather; and has the best ink flow of any non-fountain pen; grab yourself the uni-ball Jetstream. Available in a number of sizes and colors, it’s the best affordable pen around for taking notes at school or a meeting.

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