No Cable, No Cry {NFL Loophole, Chromecast & Old School TV Antennas}

The Dude’s have been without cable for over two years.

We’ve grown used to it.

It frees our time…sort of. We have Netflix, so we’re still pretty connected.

However, no cable generally = no sports.

Bummer dude.

We’ve missed sports. Until now.

An NFL loophole + Chromecast + old school antenna = sports. Some sports…not all, but some.

NFL for 2 Beans:

Kottke tipped me off to this genius. NFL for $2 per month.

The secret is using an alternate DNS server. Super easy.

This dude lays out the loophole. The post includes a link to legality.

Tip: It’s written for Mac, so the same trick doesn’t work for Windows. I struggled with it for a while and then just used the service without the trick – i.e. Windows won’t allow you to sent Alt. DNS for specific URL’s. Just set for all.


Chromecast = wireless HDMI connection to your TV. Sweetness. Gracias Google.

Add the Chromecast, and I can stream live Pats games to the TV for $2 per month + the $35 Chromecast investment. Not bad.

Old School Antenna:

And the icing on the TV? Old schoolness. A small investment in an old school antenna you get some network TV. Some is the optimal word. We ended up with 7 channels. And only one network, CBS.

Pats on the big screen today. Can’t complain.

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