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Pass the Fluffernutter

I was raised on Fluffernutters. Always seemed as common as a PB & J. However, as I pointed out in my Y’all vs. You Guys post, it seems colloquialisms extend to food products. When I moved out of the Northeast … Continue reading

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Dude’s Flow: Off the Reservation

The Dude’s Flow – i.e. where I put my energy and attention on a regular basis – is always adjusting, always evolving. The mass of information available to us on a daily basis can be a bit mind-numbing. However, with … Continue reading

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The Processed Food Monopolies

A few days ago I shared an infographic about the media monopolies controlling our news. Yesterday I shared a post about mass produced meat being fed with an over-abundance of drugs. And today we’ll build a bridge between the two … Continue reading

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Majority of Americans Want Food Without Drugs. Duh.

Consumer Reports has started a new campaign to fight the use of antibiotics in the mass production of the meats we eat; “Meat Without Drugs.” Evidence shows that the vast majority of Americans support this cause. Duh. Doesn’t it seem … Continue reading

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