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Inside Edge: A Yoga Secret to Staying Present in the Now

Yoga has become a staple in my fitness/movement regimen. A great mix of strength, flexibility, and quiet. On a good week, I can hit four classes. When I miss a week, my body feels it. Related fitness & movement posts. In … Continue reading

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This Pooping Unicorn Will Make You Question Reality

There are a lot of reasons to question the reality we are fed – from parents, peers, schools, government, media, food, medical, blah, blah, blah. Conspiracy theories abound. More importantly, conspiracies abound. Everyone is selling the idea they believe in. … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Mobility: A Minimalist Approach to Stretching and Mobility [Fitness Bonus]

I won’t claim to be an expert on Zen. But I dig the Zen/Buddhist ideas I’ve studied. I’m a big fan of simplicity and minimalism. Both of which seem to have strong ties to Zen. Simple and minimal also have … Continue reading

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Everyday Mobility: Every Dude Needs to Move

As you may recall, I plan to live to 137. To make that journey worthwhile, I’d like to make movement a prerequisite. In order to maintain, said,  movement, we need to move. Everyday. I’ve mentioned the idea of “mobility” a … Continue reading

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Dude Approved: An Amazingly Simple DIY Standing Desk

Standing is muy bueno. I’ve professed my love for the art of standing: You Should Stand More. I’ll let you peruse that gem for the details. I used this beauty at my previous job for a make-shift standing desk…ugly, but … Continue reading

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Can Ten Tips from a Shaolin Monk Keep the Dude Young Forever?!

I’ve told Mrs. Dude I intend to live to 137. Not sure why 137. Or how to make that possible. But it seems like a good idea to set big goals with life expectancy. I’m psyched to find this sweet … Continue reading

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Pass the Fluffernutter

I was raised on Fluffernutters. Always seemed as common as a PB & J. However, as I pointed out in my Y’all vs. You Guys post, it seems colloquialisms extend to food products. When I moved out of the Northeast … Continue reading

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Dude’s Flow: Off the Reservation

The Dude’s Flow – i.e. where I put my energy and attention on a regular basis – is always adjusting, always evolving. The mass of information available to us on a daily basis can be a bit mind-numbing. However, with … Continue reading

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Dude Tips for Fighting Cold & Flu Season – “Nature is smarter than people think.”

“Get up…’cause Mickey loves you.” Classic Rocky.  Indeed, “nature is smarter than people think.” Much smarter. Here we are, in the heart of cold and flu season. The Man (aka big pharma and the medical establishment) is endlessly beating us … Continue reading

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The Processed Food Monopolies

A few days ago I shared an infographic about the media monopolies controlling our news. Yesterday I shared a post about mass produced meat being fed with an over-abundance of drugs. And today we’ll build a bridge between the two … Continue reading

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