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This Pooping Unicorn Will Make You Question Reality

There are a lot of reasons to question the reality we are fed – from parents, peers, schools, government, media, food, medical, blah, blah, blah. Conspiracy theories abound. More importantly, conspiracies abound. Everyone is selling the idea they believe in. … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day

Little Dude is loving the unofficial start to summer. Warm weather, water, and no clothes. Check, check, and check. Although, I did leave him diaperless for a little too long. Shortly after this picture, Little Dude deposited a gift on … Continue reading

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Week 17: Occupational Hazards

“Does he smell?” As she holds his ass in the air. And the Dude’s first reaction is to lean over for  a sniff!?  “Nope.” Later the same day, as I dozed off on the couch for an afternoon siesta, Mrs. … Continue reading

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Week Four – Poop Rules My Life

As the Dude ventures down the path of blogging about family life, including a newborn, it’s inevitable that the subject matter will veer towards poop at some point…possibly often. Given the first four weeks with Little Dude, my guess is poop could be a highly discussed topic. Continue reading

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Observations from the Princess

1.  As we’re watching the Celtics in the NBA Finals (Go Celts!), and Rondo makes an acrobatic move to the basket that leads to a hard collision between his head and the floor, the Princess chimes in by suggesting that … Continue reading

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