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Dude Approved: An Amazingly Simple DIY Standing Desk

Standing is muy bueno. I’ve professed my love for the art of standing: You Should Stand More. I’ll let you peruse that gem for the details. I used this beauty at my previous job for a make-shift standing desk…ugly, but … Continue reading

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Dude’s Handcrafted Tree House – A Fortress of the Mind

Yesterday, we visited Nina & Rex – aka Mrs. Dude’s parental units. After adding the finishing touches, Rex surprised the kiddos by rolling this beauty out to the water… As we admired Rex’s fine craftsmanship, Granny reminisced about when Pop … Continue reading

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Hofstadter’s Law: Why the Dude’s Projects Always Take Longer Than Planned

The Dude has been on a slow blog roll for a couple weeks. A week or so ago I mentioned that Mrs. Dude has me working a 2nd job as a painter, and the¬†sun room¬†painting project has been consuming my … Continue reading

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