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Space is Super Cool

The Dude has always been a lover of space. The infinite, unknown is very cool. Limitless opportunity. A quick glance up, and you realize quickly how small we are and how little we know. Mi padre was a stargazer and … Continue reading

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Cultivate Awe

Are we becoming harder to impress? Harder to fall into states of awe? I guess technology has the potential to do this to us. As we advance, the ‘awe’someness that once was becomes mundane. We carry computers/TV’s/cameras in our pockets, … Continue reading

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Hofstadter’s Law: Why the Dude’s Projects Always Take Longer Than Planned

The Dude has been on a slow blog roll for a couple weeks. A week or so ago I mentioned that Mrs. Dude has me working a 2nd job as a painter, and the sun room painting project has been consuming my … Continue reading

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Indeed, A Small Group Can Change the World!

The other day I posted a video of a 12 year old dropping some serious knowledge about how The Man is hosing us with an economic/banking/big-business system that is clearly broken. The video is well worth the 6 minutes it … Continue reading

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Physics Can Blow a Dude’s Mind

A few years ago I read The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. It’s a dizzying explanation of string theory and quantum physics. Back then, the internet was just taking off, and TED wasn’t pumping out 20 minute videos on YouTube … Continue reading

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The Future is Amazing…According to Jason Silva

Have you heard of Jason Silva? Odds are you haven’t. This dude is out there…in an awesome way. He’s a “performance philosopher” that is spreading some crazy, but great, ideas about what the future holds. And some mainstream publications are … Continue reading

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Dude’s News: The Holiday Edition

Passed Thanksgiving and fast on the way to Christmas. How does time move so quickly? The older we get the faster it moves? Or do kids do that to us? It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on in … Continue reading

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Dude’s News

The quantity of information available these days is amazing. A short 10 – 15 years ago, the biggest source of information was TV and radio. We are now inundated with information almost constantly. We are riding the information superhighway after all. … Continue reading

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The Kid Should Definitely See This

I think I just found my N.F.B. – new favorite blog. Classic videos that entertain Dudes and Little Dudes. Short videos approved by a 3 year old co-curator that will make you smile…and forget that you might be learning … Continue reading

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Wow! We’re Small.

Rather than paraphrasing a relatively short post from another blog, I’m just going to do the old copy and paste routine. Below is a post titled “The Tiny Humanity Bubble” on the jackadamblog that offers some potential mind-blowingness. “Mankind has been broadcasting … Continue reading

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