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Say It Ain’t So: 2012 Ice Cream Crisis!

I try not to have regrets. Life is too short to worry about what might have been. However, the Dude missed two career paths that have left trails of regret. 1. Zamboni driver. You know. That car-type thing that cleans … Continue reading

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Blogging is More Important Than Ever

Monopolies are no bueno. Parker Brothers taught us this a long time ago with the board game. We all know that by the end of a game of Monopoly – once all the power has been consolidated in the winners … Continue reading

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Dude’s News

The quantity of information available these days is amazing. A short 10 – 15 years ago, the biggest source of information was TV and radio. We are now inundated with information almost constantly. We are riding the information superhighway¬†after all. … Continue reading

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The Kid Should Definitely See This

I think I just found my N.F.B. – new favorite blog. Classic videos that entertain Dudes and Little Dudes. Short videos approved by a 3 year old co-curator that will make you smile…and forget that you might be learning … Continue reading

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Hard Work

Hard work is an important lesson to pass on to the kiddos, but it seems like a strong passion for what you’re doing is, at least, equally important…if not more…probably more. I wonder how many people said riding a bike … Continue reading

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Rock N’ Roll

Tattoos and guitar are very rock n’ roll; so in the spirit of enjoying a great Saturday rockin’ out with the fam, I have a couple tidbits to pass along. Kids love temporary tattoos…there’s something great about seeing artwork on … Continue reading

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Say It Ain’t So: Kidzania

Are we really building “amusement parks” where we are willing to pay for kids to be exposed to mass marketing/consumerism and work in a mini-world as mini-adults?! It seems like we are. Kidzania hasn’t arrived in the US yet, but … Continue reading

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