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Words of Wisdom: From Everest to Kindness

I like to share potent words of wisdom from time to time. Kelso (Yes, Ashton Kutcher…seriously). A commencement speech by Neil Gaiman Here are couple more poignant ideas to add to the mental vault. 1. Fifty years ago, Jim Whittaker became the first … Continue reading

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You Should Stand More.

Seriously, you should stand more. The Dude has been dropping some healthy living knowledge recently. Although, now that I mention that, what qualifies me to drop health knowledge? Nothing, really. Other than the fact I’ve been trying to develop a … Continue reading

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Sabotage for the Kids – RIP MCA

As we all probably know by now, one of the trifecta that make up the Beastie Boys passed away last week. I was tempted to scribble out a post memorializing MCA, but the interwebs were bursting at the seams with … Continue reading

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Automatic Drawing Machines. Who Knew They Were So Cool?

Two of my favorite blogs (Kottke.org & TheKidShouldSeeThis.com) put out a post with the below video of an automatic drawing machine yesterday. About an hour apart. Think they read each other? They must right? Are they going to start reading … Continue reading

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The Origin of Freestyle Skateboarding. Pay Attention Little Dude.

Check out this amazing video from 1983 – ridiculous freestyle skateboarding…before most people knew what skateboarding was. (Tip o’ the hat to Kottke.org for another great link.) The Dude has never really been a skateboarder. I adore surfing, and I’ve snowboarded for years, but … Continue reading

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Hard Work

Hard work is an important lesson to pass on to the kiddos, but it seems like a strong passion for what you’re doing is, at least, equally important…if not more…probably more. I wonder how many people said riding a bike … Continue reading

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