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Words of Wisdom: From Everest to Kindness

I like to share potent words of wisdom from time to time. Kelso (Yes, Ashton Kutcher…seriously). A commencement speech by Neil Gaiman Here are couple more poignant ideas to add to the mental vault. 1. Fifty years ago, Jim Whittaker became the first … Continue reading

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Verbal Storm

It has been raining words at the Dude casa over the last week. We had the pleasure of enjoying a visit from Grammie and Papa, and Little Dude chose a great time to open the flood gates on his vocab. … Continue reading

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Daily Pixels: The Belly Button Store

A few days ago, The Princess and I were enjoying some time in the yard.  I forget what we were doing, but I suspect it was the usual “time in the yard” activities.  I was most likely inspecting the plants, … Continue reading

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The Princess Speaks

When a five year old speaks, the verbal onslaught is completely unpredictable…and hilarious. It seems the Princess has some innate parenting skills…which she is happy to share with the Dude… “Babies don’t like the dark.” “Babies like to be with … Continue reading

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