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Our New Normal {Awesome Mack}

This post has been 1 year, 72 days and two hours in the making. Hands down the hardest post anything I’ve ever had to write. But it feels good. Cathartic. Mrs. Dude already shared some thoughts on her fabulous blog. … Continue reading

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‘Nastics Finale

Little Dude and The Princess have been getting their ‘nastics on for the past few weeks. For anyone not familiar with Little Dude speak, ‘nastics = gymnastics. Little Dude loved the climbing, rolling, and jumping, but The Princess was the … Continue reading

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Princess Tickles the Ivory…& Little Dude Copes

The Dude family started the day by donning our Sunday best and heading out to a piano recital. Awesome. In a recent post, I mentioned that I regret not learning to play music earlier in life. Luckily, The Princess will … Continue reading

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Choose Your Media Wisely

In addition to the core family-life focus of Dude Knows Best, I’ve been cataloging groovy ideas and links that I come across. These topics fall loosely under the category of “Dude’s Flow,” i.e. anything the Dude happens to be interested in at … Continue reading

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TKD IV: Princess Can Kick

The Princess recently graduated to a yellow-striped belt in Tae Kwan Do. This was her fourth two-month session in the past two years. At the end of each session the kids break a board as part of the test to … Continue reading

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Tooth Fairy

The Princess has finally had a run-in with the Tooth Fairy. I made the bold claim that a tooth was loose two months ago. It has finally wiggled it’s way out. Since this is our first encounter with a Fairy … Continue reading

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Extra Sprinkles

This passed weekend, the Princess enjoyed a sleepover. Always an adventure. The excitement could hardly be contained in her little body. Of course Mrs. Dude pulled out all the stops, including movies, pizza, and an ice cream party. The ladies … Continue reading

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2 Wheelin’!

Last weekend we enjoyed a fab Memorial Day. Some grilling, crabbing, a little poop on the deck, first trip to the pool. The unofficial start to the summer is the bestest! So much to look forward to. But the highlight … Continue reading

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The Mustache Polka

I’m not sure why this post has taken so long. I really should have gotten it out immediately. If for no other reason than Princess’ aunt Shi-Shi is across the country and couldn’t take in the spectacle….did I say spectacle?…I mean … Continue reading

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Breakin’ Wood Part Deux

As I may have mentioned on a few occasions, the Princess is a bit girly. And by “a bit,” I mean completely. She once claimed she didn’t want to be a dancer because dancing made her ribs tired!? And I somehow … Continue reading

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