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Little Dude Just Kickin’ It

Little Dude showing off his soccer skills…or futbol for all of my international readers. Word on the street is that Santa may have room for a soccer goal on his sleigh. Shhhh. 4 days shy of 18 months.

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Breakin’ Wood Part Deux

As I may have mentioned on a few occasions, the Princess is a bit girly. And by “a bit,” I mean completely. She once claimed she didn’t want to be a dancer because dancing made her ribs tired!? And I somehow … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Parenting

Zen and the Art of Parenting It’s 2010.  We have women’s suffrage.  Women have broken through the “glass ceiling” in corporations worldwide.  I read the other day that for the first time, more women are now graduating with PhD’s than … Continue reading

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