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Catching Up with the Dude’s: Big Boy Undies, Getting Published & Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

Happy Summer y’all! It’s official. Get out there and soak up that vitamin D. But first, a quick Dude Family update. Big Boy Undies I guess Little Dude likes to wait until his birthday to cross milestones off his to-do … Continue reading

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Happy 4th Anniversary Mrs. Dude – Love The Dude…and Old Gregg

The Mrs. and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. Amazing. How does time move so quickly? Remember when a school day seemed long? And a school year?! Insanely long. Now, life is moving at a lightning pace. 4 years! … Continue reading

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The Dude Goes All Griswold on Your Arse!

Happy December! Festivus is officially underway. And the Dude is kicking it off right with some sweet holiday lights. I’m not much of a holiday person. I don’t need a random day to give me reason to get in a … Continue reading

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The Dude, A Camera, & A Canvas

I’ve always said to Mrs. Dude that “anyone can be a photographer.” Since before the Mrs. picked up a camera and started her amazing photog career, I claimed digital cameras and Photoshop threw open the doors to any yahoo that … Continue reading

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Baby On Board

We had our 24 week baby checkup today. That’s 6 months! I.E. – 2/3 of the way to new baby land!! Three kids under one roof?! We’re really doing this, huh? Great news, everyone is healthy and looking good for … Continue reading

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Love Shack – Worst Song Ever?

Mrs. Dude: “I DO NOT like Love Shack.” Dude: I’m glad you said that.  I don’t think I could be with someone who likes that song…I probably should have asked that earlier in our relationship.” Worst song ever? It just may … Continue reading

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First Pictures of the Newest Dude Bambino!

Mrs. Dude, Little Dude, and your’s truly made an hour + trek to the baby doctor the other day for our first baby appointment. We are officially 13 weeks preggo now, and probably should have had an earlier visit, but … Continue reading

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The Dude Family is Growing by Two Feet!

Hear ye, hear ye… We are amazingly excited to announce that the Dude’s are adding a couple more feet to the family tree. Yep, we are crazy enough to bring three kiddos into the family…and officially outnumber the adults! A … Continue reading

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Cue the Boyz II Men…

The Dude loves the minivan. I’ve made no secret of my affinity for the gorgeous champagne yacht. In fact here’s a direct quote from one of my many minivan posts: “As I’ve mentioned, I love our minivan.  Mrs. Dude is … Continue reading

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Massholes at Their Finest

The Dude spent the majority of his life growing up outside of Boston. Boston has a rep for having a pretty rough citizenry. Very aggressive drivers, fast paced lifestyles without much patience, direct even when you shouldn’t be, sarcastic sense … Continue reading

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