Baby On Board

Baby on Board

Baby on Board

We had our 24 week baby checkup today. That’s 6 months! I.E. – 2/3 of the way to new baby land!!

Three kids under one roof?! We’re really doing this, huh?

Great news, everyone is healthy and looking good for the estimated shipping date of early January. We’re super jazzed to welcome the newest dude/dudette.

And as I wander through life pondering the newest Dude Family addition (and wondering how we’re going to manage three at one time), I often find myself singing “Baby on Board” by Homer Simpson and the B Sharps…Homer’s barbershop quartet.


This always brings a chuckle to me. Walking around laughing to myself. Tis the world of the Dude.

Then I look at Mrs. Dude for confirmation of my incredible wit…and nothing. No smile, no chuckle, nada.

At first I thought this was because she was blocking me out – she’s really good at that – but then I realized that she doesn’t have any clue about the “Baby on Board” song! She is not a Simpsons fan…at all!

Blasphemous, I know!

It turns out that Mrs. Dude thinks that “only boys watch the Simpsons.” Oh Mrs. Dude. Muy mal, muy mal, indeed.

Well, add the Simpsons to the list of shows that Mrs. Dude has missed out on. If you’re keeping score, Mrs. Dude has no idea who Bob Ross is (wha, wha, what?!!), and detests Seinfeld…crazy, I know. I finally got her to watch South Park (which she loved – but won’t admit), but I had sit on her and hold her eyes open to make that happen (Just kidding Rex…no physical violence was required. :))

So, what’s the point of this post?

  1. The newest Dude bambino is a short 3 months from delivery and all is well.
  2. The Dude is hilarious and has fantastic sense of humor and  a great taste in TV.
  3. Mrs. Dude is missing out on the finer things in life…like The Simpson and South Park.

That’s it. Nothing else to see here. Keep on truckin’.

PS – These are the kind of posts that the 3rd child gets. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Baby On Board

  1. It has been quite a while since I have been able to comment…. world be set right that I have read them all, just perhaps not been as witty. But I am back.
    First, I believe that you mean 24 weeks. If Lady Dude has that baby in her for 24 months… well, I don’t even know what to say.
    Second, it could be blasphemy that someone doesn’t know Bob Ross. Please school her.
    Third, the ladies love a good Simpsons. I just the other day saw one that was new to me. I didn’t know that they existed…sort of like the episodes of the Brady Bunch (school her in that if need be as well.) Needless to say, I and my little Banana love Bart, Lisa and the gang. Every episode has a lesson, even if you have to peel it away a bit to see. Ladies and dudes love the Simpsons the same.

  2. Welcome back Lady in a Shoe! We’ve missed you.

    Yeah, it’s 24 months…we’re having an elephant. 🙂 Thank you for catching that.

    I knew the ladies loved some good boob-tube!

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