The Dude Family is Growing by Two Feet!

Dude's Growing by 2 Feet

Dude's Growing by 2 Feet

Hear ye, hear ye…

We are amazingly excited to announce that the Dude’s are adding a couple more feet to the family tree. Yep, we are crazy enough to bring three kiddos into the family…and officially outnumber the adults!

A few highlights…

  • We are expecting in mid January, but given the track record of early arrivals, we’re predicting a New Year’s baby.
  • We won’t be finding out boy or girl until that beautiful little melon pops out to the see the world.
  • We’d love to figure out a home-birth, but NC has some crazy regulations for home-births, so we’re still figuring out who will have the honor of welcoming the bambino into the world.
  • The Princess is super jazzed to be a big sister again.
  • Little Dude keeps changing the subject when we ask him where the baby is…seems like he’s still adjusting. 🙂

Stay tuned for more Dude Family updates!

Baby In the Belly...

Baby In the Belly...

Little Dude’s Dad

I was talking with my parents last night, because the Dude is a fantastic son like that (Little Dude, take notes.), and my Mother is now referring to me as Little Dude’s Dad…and going overboard like only a Mother can do in an endearing way.  “Hi Little Dude’s Dad.  I’m talking to Little Dude’s Dad.  How’s Little Dude’s Dad?”

It caught me off guard a bit, and I mentioned that I hadn’t really thought of it that way.  Yeah, I’m a Dad, and I’m Little Dude’s Dad, but I haven’t had anyone call me Little Dude’s Dad.  It has a good ring to it.

Dude’s Madre responds by saying “You’re now going to be called Little Dude’s Dad more than Dude.”

Somehow this simple perspective had eluded me up to this point.

A loss of identity, or an extension of identity?

Definitely an extension.  A little me…only better because he’s a little Mrs. Dude too.