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Cue the Boyz II Men…

The Dude loves the minivan. I’ve made no secret of my affinity for the gorgeous champagne yacht. In fact here’s a direct quote from one of my many minivan posts: “As I’ve mentioned, I love our minivan.  Mrs. Dude is … Continue reading

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On the Road

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind. Two trips to Connecticut in two weeks. And by trips I mean car rides. And by two I don’t mean up and back; I mean up and back TWICE. For the record, … Continue reading

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Jazz Mechanic

A nondescript building with no signage.  A yard filled with vehicles in various stages of disrepair…almost surrounding the building.  Two large garage doors wide open.  One car raised on the lift in the left-hand garage bay.  Miles Davis pouring through the open … Continue reading

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Daily Pixels: Street Cred

Mrs. Dude is coming around.  She hasn’t embraced the captain’s hat yet, but she’s starting to dig the minivan.  However, she felt the yacht needed a bit more street cred.  So she made a small addition to the tailgate.  Naturally … Continue reading

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Daily Pixels: Vantastic!

It’s official.  We are a minivan family.  And I love it. We took our first road trip in the family truckster last weekend.  12 hours in two days.  And they were the most comfortable 12 hours of driving we’ve had as a … Continue reading

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Daily Pixels: Apocalypse Now?

This beast is sitting in our driveway tonight.  Mrs. Dude has it out on an extended test drive. It’s got to be the apocalypse, right? Are we about to buckle under the pressure?  Are we about to do the unthinkable? … Continue reading

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