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The Mysterious Life of Bob Ross…Still a Mystery. But Now We can Watch the Very First “Joy of Painting” Episode.

A gross disservice. A disservice to you – dear reader, to me, and most of all to the legend himself, Bob Ross. I have spewed 312 posts on this very blog, and not one of them has referenced the venerable … Continue reading

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RVCA – Behind the Non-Brand

The Dude is not a fan of brands in general. Who cares about who makes what. Rock what you like regardless of a name attached to it. As the wise men from Run DMC once said, “Calvin Klein ain’t no … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Creative

The world is a crazy place. Frankenstorms, economic roller coasters, political wastelands, but you know what? We are lucky enough to live in some amazing times. Forget the craziness. Let’s focus on being creative. I came across a couple great … Continue reading

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The Dude, A Camera, & A Canvas

I’ve always said to Mrs. Dude that “anyone can be a photographer.” Since before the Mrs. picked up a camera and started her amazing photog career, I claimed digital cameras and Photoshop threw open the doors to any yahoo that … Continue reading

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The Dude Has Always Wanted To…Blow Glass

If I have an idea, I tend to give it a whirl. Thanks to a wise sage (Mr. S. Barry :)), I tend to live by the motto of “Be the Expert.” Wise words, right? We’re all just faking our … Continue reading

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Rad Drawings of New York City

Do you remember that “song” that talks about sunscreen. It’s not really a song. It’s more of a (fake) commencement speech set to music. A dude with a rad name put it out in 1999, Baz Luhrmann…Baz…how cool?! That song … Continue reading

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Best Day Ever? The Bob Ross Remix Hits the Streets

A few weeks ago I shared a remix of Mister Rogers. And I pondered the other great 80’s remixes I’d love to hear. But I didn’t know it could be this good. You know what’s hot in the streets right … Continue reading

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Make Good Art

Growing up, I never really considered myself an “artist.” But over the years, that’s changed. The Dude is now a believer that everyone is an artist. We all have great art inside of us. In fact, everyone has absolutely brilliant … Continue reading

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“Buzz” Shares His Story Rules

Little Dude LOVES Toy Story. “Buzz. Buzz? Buzz?” We must have watched “Buzz” 50 times. Easy. Other than the awesome graphics, it’s impressive how amazing the Toy Story¬†story-lines¬†are. I’ve never ventured into the world of fiction writing. Although, I think … Continue reading

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Automatic Drawing Machines. Who Knew They Were So Cool?

Two of my favorite blogs ( & put out a post with the below video of an automatic drawing machine yesterday. About an hour apart. Think they read each other? They must right? Are they going to start reading … Continue reading

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