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Dude + Nature = Happy. John Muir Agrees.

The Dude is a sucker for the natural world…and a great beard. This John Muir cat is one rad dude. Loves nature and beards. A large part of conservation land in the U.S. can be connected to Muir. But beyond … Continue reading

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Automatic Drawing Machines. Who Knew They Were So Cool?

Two of my favorite blogs (Kottke.org & TheKidShouldSeeThis.com) put out a post with the below video of an automatic drawing machine yesterday. About an hour apart. Think they read each other? They must right? Are they going to start reading … Continue reading

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Put a Sling On ‘Em

Moms are trying to creep in on Dads’ cool territory.  Dads are riding high on the cool dad trend, and moms everywhere are green with envy. Moms are great for hugs and kisses and to put Band-Aids on the cuts, … Continue reading

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Dad’s Are Cool!

Is this a new trend? Are Dad’s cool right now? Continue reading

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