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Love This Dude

I’m sure there’s another side to life on an island by yourself – water, food, medicine – but this dude and his turtles, trees, and birds seems pretty happy. Posted onĀ Kottke and TheKidShouldSeeThis; so you know it’s good. My email … Continue reading

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Dude + Nature = Happy. John Muir Agrees.

The Dude is a sucker for the natural world…and a great beard. This John Muir cat is one rad dude. Loves nature and beards. A large part of conservation land in the U.S. can be connected to Muir. But beyond … Continue reading

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Check this dude out…The Mimic Octopus!

A while back I posted a link to this article about the high intelligence of the octopus. I mentioned… “Octopus are amazing. I never realized how amazing. They always seemed pretty cool in a deep down beneath the sea kind … Continue reading

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