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Space is Super Cool

The Dude has always been a lover of space. The infinite, unknown is very cool. Limitless opportunity. A quick glance up, and you realize quickly how small we are and how little we know. Mi padre was a stargazer and … Continue reading

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Dude + Nature = Happy. John Muir Agrees.

The Dude is a sucker for the natural world…and a great beard. This John Muir cat is one rad dude. Loves nature and beards. A large part of conservation land in the U.S. can be connected to Muir. But beyond … Continue reading

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Happy Easter. Here’s to New Beginnings, Dude.

Happy Easter to you and yours from the Dudes. Family is the Dude’s favorite part of a holiday. To me, holidays mean a day of uninterrupted family time. A day to refocus on what means the most to us. However, I know … Continue reading

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Dude’s News

The quantity of information available these days is amazing. A short 10 – 15 years ago, the biggest source of information was TV and radio. We are now inundated with information almost constantly. We are riding the information superhighway after all. … Continue reading

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Daily Pixels: Tree Hugging Weather

In a previous post I mentioned that a rainy Sunday can be a blessing.  It’s safe to say a Sunday with bright sun, blue skies, no wind, and 75 degree temps is a blessing too. Thanks Mama Nature.  The perfect … Continue reading

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