Happy Mom’s Day from the Dude, The President & Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right…Fool!

Mr. T. - Treat Your Mother Right

Mr. T. – Treat Your Mother Right

Well, what do ya know?! The Dude has returned.

It’s been almost four months, but the Dude is back. More on my hiatus later. For now, I’d like to wish all the Mama Bears a happy Mother’s Day.

Moms, we couldn’t be here without you. Literally. Without your ovaries, placenta, and the rest of your female bits and pieces, we would ALL be lacking a key part of existence…existence.

So, thank you very much for giving us life and putting up with all of our shiat (figuratively & literally)  for oh so long.

We LOVE you.

But don’t just take my word for it. The Dude has recruited two of his fav compadres – Mr. T & Kid President – to spread the Mother’s Day love.

Kick your feet up, smell the flowers, and relax. You deserve it.

And while your at it, soak in the sage advice of Mr. T and Kid President…

Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right: Classic 80’s right here. Love it! Mr. T, you will always hold a special spot in the Dude’s heart.


An Open Letter to Moms from Kid President: The Kid does IT again. El Nino Presidente rocks. Always a hit in the Dude’s book, and this is some great lovin’ for the Moms in the audience.



That’s Tight! (TGT) The Dude Can Finally Grow Up.

My Mom’s prayers have been answered. The Dude can finally carry a wallet.

Here’s the “wallet” I’ve been carrying for years.

Dude's Wallet - Not Tight

Dude’s Wallet – Not Tight

Sweet hairbands, right?

Momzilla has tried numerous times to buy her bambino an actual wallet. But it’s just not my thang.

I’m not a fan of clutter, and I don’t dig a lot of stuff in my pocket. The Dude is a simple man.

Thank you TGT for making the Dude and my Moms happy. The perfect wallet. At 35, I can finally graduate to an actual wallet.

TGT Cowman 2.0

TGT Cowman 2.0

Support this KickStarter campaign. It’s pretty great, and Jack Sutter seems like a pretty rad dude.

Nice work Jack.

Darn right I have a sweet TGT Cowman 2.0 headed my way!

Put a Sling On ‘Em

Moms are trying to creep in on Dads’ cool territory.  Dads are riding high on the cool dad trend, and moms everywhere are green with envy.

Moms are great for hugs and kisses and to put Band-Aids on the cuts, but dads are the the voice of reason that sends the kid down the giant hill on the skateboard that creates the cut.

We’re cooler.

But in an effort to be fair and balanced (like Fox News), in response to the two dad videos I posted last week, below is the moms’ rebuttal.

I have to say ladies, in comparison to the dad videos, the production value leaves a bit to be desired.

Mrs. Dude’s new theme song:

Put a Sling on 'Em

Put a Sling on 'Em

Lessons From the Front Lines – Week One

PeaceAfter a day and a half at the hospital (one overnight), the Dude, the Mrs., and Little Dude joined the Princess back at Casa de Dude, and we’ve all fumbled our way triumphantly through the Little Dude’s first week on Earth.  Happy one week b-day Little Dude.

Looking back on the blur of the first seven days, some lessons are evident.

1. Mom’s are tough as nails…except when they cry…then they need lots of hugs.  Birth is a doozey, and that’s just the beginning.  At one point the Mrs. compared the early pains of breastfeeding to “monkey’s beating on my chest”…not sure if she’s actually had this experience, but point is well taken…mommying is painful.  Added to the physical pain are sleepless nights, complete loss of personal space, and mental somersaults that accompany a constant pull in every direction at once.

2.  Dads aren’t too shabby either.  True, Dads don’t endure the physical pain, but the mental somersaults are just as much a part of their life trying to balance the increasing priorities within a decreasing scope of time.  Sleepless nights are sleepless nights to Mommies and Daddies; someone needs to burp and change the boy after Mom feeds him, and the Princess and pooches still need breakfast come morning.  I have no idea how a single parent functions.

3.  The rest of the tribe is almost as important as Mom and Dad.  As the saying goes, “It takes a village…”  Babies change everything in an instant, and other members of the “parent club” recognize the magnitude of this transition and actively offer support without a request.  It seems like it’s just understood that it’s needed.  No one has offered to setup a trust fund for him yet, but gestures as simple as dropping off dinner help a day flow smoothly.

This voluntary assistance also extends to the Princess who has happily taken on the role of big sister without a fuss.

4.  Nature is amazing!  This boy is incredible, growing and changing on a daily basis, and to think a short seven days ago he was housed inside of another human being.  Millions of minute interactions occurring at precise moments to bring the tiny lad into our lives.  Thanks Mama Nature.

5.  The Moby rocks.  It allows you to wrap the baby around you using a simple cloth as I imagine our ancestors have done for quite a while.  Allowing for hands-free mobility, and letting the Dude and Little Dude cruise around the yard watering the gardens and taking in the scenery.

6.  A battery operated swing and bouncy chair come in very handy.  I’m not sure I would say a must, but pretty darn close to a must.

7.  All hail the swaddle!  I’ll spare you the detailed descriptions of this relatively boring topic, but if you know anyone with an infant, or expecting, I highly recommend “The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Dr. Karp.  Here’s a video that shows some of the techniques in action.