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Happy Mom’s Day from the Dude, The President & Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right…Fool!

Well, what do ya know?! The Dude has returned. It’s been almost four months, but the Dude is back. More on my hiatus later. For now, I’d like to wish all the Mama Bears a happy Mother’s Day. Moms, we … Continue reading

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That’s Tight! (TGT) The Dude Can Finally Grow Up.

My Mom’s prayers have been answered. The Dude can finally carry a wallet. Here’s the “wallet” I’ve been carrying for years. Sweet hairbands, right? Momzilla has tried numerous times to buy her bambino an actual wallet. But it’s just not … Continue reading

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Put a Sling On ‘Em

Moms are trying to creep in on Dads’ cool territory.  Dads are riding high on the cool dad trend, and moms everywhere are green with envy. Moms are great for hugs and kisses and to put Band-Aids on the cuts, … Continue reading

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Lessons From the Front Lines – Week One

After a day and a half at the hospital (one overnight), the Dude, the Mrs., and Little Dude joined the Princess back at Casa de Dude, and we’ve all fumbled our way triumphantly through the Little Dude’s first week on … Continue reading

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