Happy Mom’s Day from the Dude, The President & Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right…Fool!

Mr. T. - Treat Your Mother Right

Mr. T. – Treat Your Mother Right

Well, what do ya know?! The Dude has returned.

It’s been almost four months, but the Dude is back. More on my hiatus later. For now, I’d like to wish all the Mama Bears a happy Mother’s Day.

Moms, we couldn’t be here without you. Literally. Without your ovaries, placenta, and the rest of your female bits and pieces, we would ALL be lacking a key part of existence…existence.

So, thank you very much for giving us life and putting up with all of our shiat (figuratively & literally)  for oh so long.

We LOVE you.

But don’t just take my word for it. The Dude has recruited two of his fav compadres – Mr. T & Kid President – to spread the Mother’s Day love.

Kick your feet up, smell the flowers, and relax. You deserve it.

And while your at it, soak in the sage advice of Mr. T and Kid President…

Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right: Classic 80’s right here. Love it! Mr. T, you will always hold a special spot in the Dude’s heart.


An Open Letter to Moms from Kid President: The Kid does IT again. El Nino Presidente rocks. Always a hit in the Dude’s book, and this is some great lovin’ for the Moms in the audience.



Happy Mother’s Day!

From the Dudes to you, happy Mother’s Day. You are insanely important, immensely overworked, and incredibly under appreciated. You’re the glue that holds it all together.

Dad’s are pretty cool too…but Mom’s are the bomb. We love you!

Here are some quick highlights of the Dudes’ Mama’s Day festivities…