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“The Tiny Dot” – Government & Taxes Simplified?

Here’s a video by Larken Rose called “The Tiny Dot.” It’s a very simplified view of government and taxes. Over-simplified? Probably. But sometimes making complicated topics extremely simple helps look a things from a new perspective. I don’t know much … Continue reading

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Sabotage for the Kids – RIP MCA

As we all probably know by now, one of the trifecta that make up the Beastie Boys passed away last week. I was tempted to scribble out a post memorializing MCA, but the interwebs were bursting at the seams with … Continue reading

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It Will Bring a Tear to a Dude’s Eye…

This time-lapse video of a young girl aging from zero to 12 has been shared quite a bit the past couple days – gone viral as the cool kids like to say. It is very cool to watch how kids progress. But … Continue reading

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Little Dude…Being Little Dude

The other day I mentioned that Little Dude has a determined streak in him. What I failed to mention is that The Boy is also chock full of crazy. I can remember my parents sending me out to run laps … Continue reading

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Little Dude Just Kickin’ It

Little Dude showing off his soccer skills…or futbol for all of my international readers. Word on the street is that Santa may have room for a soccer goal on his sleigh. Shhhh. 4 days shy of 18 months.

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Ask and You Shall Receive. A Response Video to Jorge & Alexa’s “Home” Video

Caution:  This isn’t much of a response video. When the fans speak, the Dude listens. After the Behind the Curve post, we were so flooded with fan requests for the Princess to make a video (all 2 of them), that … Continue reading

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Dad’s Are Cool!

Is this a new trend? Are Dad’s cool right now? Continue reading

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