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10 Tips for Raising Little Dudes

Did you go vote today? The votes are being tallied as I type. Who will be named the next US Pres? The Dude’s election prediction: The Man wins again. The good news, we can finally stop talking about voting and … Continue reading

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The Dude’s Non-Voting Extravaganza

Are you getting out to conduct your civic duty on Tuesday? Why? Seriously, why? It’s worth taking the time to give yourself a good answer. Politics is a joke. And the argument that “every vote counts,” is pretty thin. Electoral … Continue reading

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“The Tiny Dot” – Government & Taxes Simplified?

Here’s a video by Larken Rose called “The Tiny Dot.” It’s a very simplified view of government and taxes. Over-simplified? Probably. But sometimes making complicated topics extremely simple helps look a things from a new perspective. I don’t know much … Continue reading

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The Police Tape App. May You Never Have to Use It.

I’ve railed against The Man on number of occasions – big government, big corporations, however you want to define that. It’s no secret the Dude isn’t a fan of some aspects of the current state of the world, and the … Continue reading

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Blogging is More Important Than Ever

Monopolies are no bueno. Parker Brothers taught us this a long time ago with the board game. We all know that by the end of a game of Monopoly – once all the power has been consolidated in the winners … Continue reading

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