The Police Tape App. May You Never Have to Use It.

I’ve railed against The Man on number of occasions – big government, big corporations, however you want to define that. It’s no secret the Dude isn’t a fan of some aspects of the current state of the world, and the negative seems to be spreading.

There’s still plenty of positive, and an abundance of great to be jazzed about. But we seem to be watching the slow demise of a way of life we used to take for granted.

How’s that economy doing? Yeah, about to tumble off a cliff any day now. And those civil liberties? We’re in America, right? Have you gone to an airport lately? The security checkpoints are about the most degrading thing I’ve experienced – second only to my time in the military…which is about as degrading as you can get.

I’ve often thought that if you don’t have anything to hide, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the government. But I don’t feel that way any more. The Man is a scary beast that is not afraid to ruin lives to keep itself alive.

The Police are meant to “serve and protect.” In the past I believed this serving and protecting was for the US citizens, but I’m growing to believe that the serving and protecting is for The Man. And it’s safe to say I’m not a fan of this military-style transition we are witnessing slowly unfold.

I hope you and I never have a reason to use this, but here is a pretty nifty app from the New Jersey ACLU that attempts to give some power back to the people. And like the Founding Fathers that are rolling over in their graves these days, I’m a fan of the people having as much power as they can snatch from The Man.

The Police Tape App. Unfortunately, the IPhone app isn’t out yet, so I haven’t tested this, but it’s a pretty cool idea. Here’s a video with a quick overview…nice stop-motion marketing ACLU!


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