RVCA – Behind the Non-Brand

The Dude is not a fan of brands in general. Who cares about who makes what. Rock what you like regardless of a name attached to it.

As the wise men from Run DMC once said, “Calvin Klein ain’t no friend of mine; don’t want nobodies name on my behind.”

To avoid branding entirely these days is pretty much impossible. Brands are everywhere. We have to be very selective. But the one brand I not only don’t mind rocking, but actually enjoy promoting is RVCA.

RVCA has some of the best duds going, but beyond that, these cats are super rad. They are more of an “artist network” than a brand, and they are all about promoting diverse talents, rad gear and gnarly art.

This is a pretty cool behind the scenes of what the brand – I mean artist network – is all about…


(Tip ‘o the hat to Desillusion Magazine.)

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