Best Day Ever? The Bob Ross Remix Hits the Streets

Bob Ross

Bob Ross

A few weeks ago I shared a remix of Mister Rogers. And I pondered the other great 80’s remixes I’d love to hear.

But I didn’t know it could be this good.

You know what’s hot in the streets right now?! The Bob Ross remix.

Mrs. Dude is slightly too young to understand Bob Ross. And I feel sorry for her.

Bob Ross was the man. He kept us company after school on many occasions.

Such a cool cat. It’s impossible to watch this video and not smile. I want to hang out with Bob Ross.

And his paintings are ridiculous. He would whip together some happy little trees, a happy mountain, toss in some happy clouds, and a happy little brook rolling down a hill passed a happy little house in minutes.

And he’d get his audience to believe that they could do it too. FYI – it’s not as easy as it looks. At least it wasn’t when I was eight.

Not to mention that AMAZING hair. Love the dude.

By the way, there were a bunch of Bob Ross episodes. I think he was on every afternoon. As a result, you would imagine there would be a bunch of Bob Ross paintings floating around. Nope. I’ve searched, and there are very few around at high prices. Bummer.

I’m saving my pennies for a Bob Ross original. It’s sure to tie the whole house together.

R I P Bob.


  • “Believe that you can do it. ‘Cause you can do it.
  • “This is your world. You’re the creator.”


Mister Rogers Autotuned. Rad.

I’ve mentioned Mister Rogers a couple times on DKB. I never knew the kind-hearted soul had such a pull on the Dude’s nostalgia.

This video is making the rounds today, and I’m loving it. Mister Rogers remixed and autotuned.

Autotune is awesome in a mostly hilarious, but kinda cool, kind of way. It turns average speech into a musical masterpiece. Check your nearest ITunes store for some handy apps to work this magic yourself.

Mister Rogers remixed and autotuned is perfect. But it does make me wonder all of the other great candidates for some remixing…

  • Sesame St.
  • Electric Company
  • Dukes of┬áHazard
  • A-Team

The list is endless.

Enjoy everyone’s favorite neighbor getting jiggy with it…


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