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Little Dude’s First Ninja Class

We’ve reached the ninja stage at the Dude Casa. Ninjago is all the rage with Little Dude, and Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles are enjoying a resurgence. It’s a good stage. Turns out the local Tae Kwan Do class is … Continue reading

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TKD IV: Princess Can Kick

The Princess recently graduated to a yellow-striped belt in Tae Kwan Do. This was her fourth two-month session in the past two years. At the end of each session the kids break a board as part of the test to … Continue reading

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Breakin’ Wood…Hearts are Next

Let this be fair warning for all future dudes; The Priness is one tough cookie. Here’s the Dude’s take on an 80’s video montage (think Rocky training in the mountains of Russia) to celebrate The Princess’ first Tae Kwan Do experience, … Continue reading

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The Princess Speaks

When a five year old speaks, the verbal onslaught is completely unpredictable…and hilarious. It seems the Princess has some innate parenting skills…which she is happy to share with the Dude… “Babies don’t like the dark.” “Babies like to be with … Continue reading

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