Breakin’ Wood…Hearts are Next

Let this be fair warning for all future dudes; The Priness is one tough cookie.

Here’s the Dude’s take on an 80’s video montage (think Rocky training in the mountains of Russia) to celebrate The Princess’ first Tae Kwan Do experience, which cluminated with a broken piece of wood and a yellow stripe accenting her pretty white belt.

Congrats Princess. We are so proud of you.

PS – Bonus points if you can name the movie the song is from.

3 thoughts on “Breakin’ Wood…Hearts are Next

  1. Karate Kid! Extra points please. Jackie Chan ain’t got squat on Mr Miyagi. But methinks the princess has got one up on Ralph Macchio.

  2. Ah. Nice work Sandman. Karate Kid indeed. I’ve recorded your extra points. They can be redeemed for absolutely nothing, so congratulations on that.

    You speaketh the truth. The original is still the one and only in my mind, and The Princess can definitely whoop Ralph Machio.

  3. LOVE this! And yes, Karate Kid…that was an easy one.

    PS – Your clear logo looks really good. How on earth did you accomplish that? 🙂

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