Nap Update: Yep, They Still Rock.

Dude Hearts NapsAs the self-professed King of Naps, I feel it’s my duty to share a regular dose of nap awesomeness.

  1.  How Naps Affect Your Brain & Why You Should Have One Every Day: Improve memory & learning; avoid burnout. And my favorite tip from the article, “Practice.”  
  2. Five Reasons You Should Take a Nap Every Day: Energy, Memory Boost, Taking a Break, Refocusing, Less Stress
  3. Nap On the Go: I recently shared an upgrade to the classic beer koozy: Freaker. And now, an upgrade to the travel pillow?! Nap Anywhereis a sweet, sweet way to score a nap with no traveler’s neck pain. Not a pillow, just pure nap awesomeness…[vimeo][/vimeo]


On the flip side of enjoying a regular afternoon nap session, the joys and benefits of getting up insanely early. To balance out my afternoon nap, I’ve been rocking a 5:30 AM eyes open time for the past year. I’m digging it. 

Surf Break: Follow Your Heart

A promising career in the early 20’s, and without warning someone with zero surfing experience buys a board, books a surf trip and changes the trajectory of their life. Awesome.

Maybe this is the story of a lot of surf bums. Still awesome.

In this version, of what could be a classic surf bum tale, the surf rat shakes off the materialist shackles to hit the waves and share the surf experience through a 16 mm camera. And the five minutes that are currently available seem well worth the “sacrifices” made.

As if opening yourself to perfect waves, new cultures, and corners of the globe that can only be described as paradise is a sacrifice.

“I’ve surfed perfect waves.  I’ve sailed from Hawaii to Kiribati.  I’ve listened to whales that sound like dinosaurs.  I’ve seen rainbows at night across the open ocean under a full moon.”

Tough sacrifice.

There are a lot of ways to approach life. Find a passion and follow it. Your heart is a better guide than direction from anyone else’s mouth.

Here’s the story of Jeremy Rumas from – “The planet’s largest network of thinking surfers,” by the way.

And here’s a clip of Jeremy’s surf flick, Inside Hangs Upon Nothing


Breakin’ Wood…Hearts are Next

Let this be fair warning for all future dudes; The Priness is one tough cookie.

Here’s the Dude’s take on an 80’s video montage (think Rocky training in the mountains of Russia) to celebrate The Princess’ first Tae Kwan Do experience, which cluminated with a broken piece of wood and a yellow stripe accenting her pretty white belt.

Congrats Princess. We are so proud of you.

PS – Bonus points if you can name the movie the song is from.