Surf Break: A Back Flip…with a Surfboard?! Insane.

Mark your calendar. November 13, 2012. Surfing was taken to a new level today.

Gabriel Medina, a Brazilian phenom surfer that is making a huge impact on the surfing world, nailed a back flip – A BACK FLIP – on his surfboard today.

Insane. Completely insane.


Hat tip to The Inertia for sharing the love.

Surf Break: Follow Your Heart

A promising career in the early 20’s, and without warning someone with zero surfing experience buys a board, books a surf trip and changes the trajectory of their life. Awesome.

Maybe this is the story of a lot of surf bums. Still awesome.

In this version, of what could be a classic surf bum tale, the surf rat shakes off the materialist shackles to hit the waves and share the surf experience through a 16 mm camera. And the five minutes that are currently available seem well worth the “sacrifices” made.

As if opening yourself to perfect waves, new cultures, and corners of the globe that can only be described as paradise is a sacrifice.

“I’ve surfed perfect waves.  I’ve sailed from Hawaii to Kiribati.  I’ve listened to whales that sound like dinosaurs.  I’ve seen rainbows at night across the open ocean under a full moon.”

Tough sacrifice.

There are a lot of ways to approach life. Find a passion and follow it. Your heart is a better guide than direction from anyone else’s mouth.

Here’s the story of Jeremy Rumas from – “The planet’s largest network of thinking surfers,” by the way.

And here’s a clip of Jeremy’s surf flick, Inside Hangs Upon Nothing


Dude’s News: Life is Pretty Cool Edition

Once again, the awesomeness has accumulated, and I haven’t found the time to share any of it in individual doses; so I’m going with grand buffet style post once again. Dude’s News.

For the second edition, I’m going to focus on some items that display the undeniable righteousness of life.

Local News
The Dude and the Mrs. have embarked on a journey to explore the “primal” eating and exercise habits. It seems to contain a lot of common sense, so we figured we’d give it a whirl.

One day per week is designated as a “sprint” day. It could be sprints, jump rope, bike, etc. at a fast pace. This week I chose to actually sprint. I haven’t done that in a quite a while. It felt great to get out there again.

Until…about ten minutes into it, while sprinting, a thought popped into my head recalling when I pulled my hamstring sprinting on the beach. At almost the same instant I pulled my hamstring. Awesome.

One day of sprints and one pulled muscle. Sweet. I’m sticking with it though. But the experience made me wonder how tightly mind and body are tied.

So, don’t think “pulled muscle” next time you sprint.

Life is Pretty Cool

  • From one of the Dude’s favorites, TheKidShouldSeeThis: How COOL is this?! Watch Picasso paint.  Enough said.


  • A great cartoon video explaining the meaning life…


  • The world is a crazy place. Wars, protests, riots, economies crumbling. Seem hopeless? Not so fast. Turns out we are living in the most peaceful time in history. At least according to the statistics reviewed in this article, and three recent books. Stats are malleable, but optimism is very cool.
  • Are you aware that Google has some pretty sweet tricks hidden within in their massive tentacles that encircle the interwebs?
  • The Dude is a big fan of surfing. So combine great riding with “Matrix-esque bullet time” and it is instant radness. Thanks Kottke.


  • Have you seen what the Xbox is doing these days? Seems like the future is here…


  • Last, but certainly not least, the octopus.  Octopuses are amazing. I never realized how amazing. They always seemed pretty cool in a deep down beneath the sea kind of the way, but WOW super cool. My guess is you’ll be happy you read this article.