Nap Update: Yep, They Still Rock.

Dude Hearts NapsAs the self-professed King of Naps, I feel it’s my duty to share a regular dose of nap awesomeness.

  1.  How Naps Affect Your Brain & Why You Should Have One Every Day: Improve memory & learning; avoid burnout. And my favorite tip from the article, “Practice.”  
  2. Five Reasons You Should Take a Nap Every Day: Energy, Memory Boost, Taking a Break, Refocusing, Less Stress
  3. Nap On the Go: I recently shared an upgrade to the classic beer koozy: Freaker. And now, an upgrade to the travel pillow?! Nap Anywhereis a sweet, sweet way to score a nap with no traveler’s neck pain. Not a pillow, just pure nap awesomeness…[vimeo][/vimeo]


On the flip side of enjoying a regular afternoon nap session, the joys and benefits of getting up insanely early. To balance out my afternoon nap, I’ve been rocking a 5:30 AM eyes open time for the past year. I’m digging it.