Little Dude’s BMX Role Model

We have officially found Little Dude’s BMX role model; Jackson Goldstone.

This little man is killing it on a bike. And he’s only in kindergarten!

Looks like the Little Dude needs a BMX and a helmet for birthday numero dos.

By the way, love the no peddles. We took the peddles off Princess’ bike when she learned, and it was such an amazing difference.

Keep killing it Jackson. We can’t wait to see your next video!


Thanks to Mark’s Daily Apple for sharing the link.

Hard Work

Hard work is an important lesson to pass on to the kiddos, but it seems like a strong passion for what you’re doing is, at least, equally important…if not more…probably more.

I wonder how many people said riding a bike or skating was a waste time. Looks like art to the Dude.

1. [youtube][/youtube]

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And a great example of hard work is Mr. Rogers.

Who woulda thunk it? The Dude’s second reference to Mr. Rogers? I didn’t know I had such an affinity for the kind hearted soul.

3. Fred Rogers was amazingly dedicated to his craft.

Wild, I know.

P.S.  – You should check out A great blog covering a wide variety of topics. That’s where I strolled across 1., 2., & 3. at different times.

2 Wheelin’!

2 Wheelin'!

2 Wheelin'!

Last weekend we enjoyed a fab Memorial Day. Some grilling, crabbing, a little poop on the deck, first trip to the pool. The unofficial start to the summer is the bestest! So much to look forward to.

But the highlight of the extended weekend was  the Princess breaking out of her shackles (i.e. training wheels) and two wheelin’! Yep, we have another bike rider in the Dude casa.

It was an interesting experience filled with some apprehension, a few tears, a couple breaks to rest tired legs, but in the end, there were some big smiles and a complete and utter success. Quite the milestone. A skill, and an experience, not to be forgotten.

We’re super proud of you Princess. Get to peddling on that freedom machine!