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Choose Your Media Wisely

In addition to the core¬†family-life¬†focus of Dude Knows Best, I’ve been cataloging groovy ideas and links that I come across. These topics fall loosely under the category of “Dude’s Flow,” i.e. anything the Dude happens to be interested in at … Continue reading

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Take Care of Yourself

There’s only one person who can take care of you. You. The other day I mentioned that I was going to expand Dude Knows Best to include some more of the “Dude’s Flow” – i.e. anything that the Dude is … Continue reading

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The Dude and The Brain.

Here’s a pretty groovy – and free, I might add – tool to help you organize every thought in your head. As simple as packing for a vacation or as complicated as planning world domination. The Brain. Great name. Very … Continue reading

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