The Dude and The Brain.

Here’s a pretty groovy – and free, I might add – tool to help you organize every thought in your head. As simple as packing for a vacation or as complicated as planning world domination.

The Brain.

Great name. Very intuitive. And the free version is all you’ll need.

Watch the 10 minute video tour, and you’ll be ready to roll.

I just set up the Dude’s Brain the other night, and I think I’m in love. The setup was quick, and, surprisingly enjoyable, because thoughts were being organized.

I realized I have all sorts of tangents going on in the Dude’s world; lots of hobbies, ideas, explorations. All underway, none with a strict path or point of closure. And The Brain helped me organize some of the tangents.

The Dude’s Flow. Family + the Dude’s crazy ideas = The Dude’s Flow

I considered starting a second blog to discuss ideas that didn’t fit into the Dude Knows Best mold; gardening, health, DIY projects, science, education, play. The Flow keeps growing all the time.

But an expansion seems more fitting. Well, easier. So, I’m going to expand some of the topics covered on DKB.

Still the core focus on family life, but let’s incorporate more of the full Flow. Perfect, almost no definition. Let’s see where DKB takes us.

Here’s a glance at the upper level of the Dude’s Brain. Groovy tools, man.

Dude's Brain

Dude's Brain