Dove Man!

Dove Man

Dove Man

Well, the Dude is officially for sale.

After a year and a half and138 posts, the corporate sponsors are finally flocking to the land of the Dude.

Flocking?…perhaps a bit of an exaggeration. I got some free soap.

Mrs. Dude estimates the value of the package at $65. Not bad. So, a big thanks to Dove soap.

Dove contacted me asking if I would review their new men’s line of soap, and I’m not one to pass up some free soap.

A week or so later a box arrives addressed to “Dude,” and I was pleasantly surprised to find a great gift package. Two types of soap, deodorant, a scrubbing thing, and a sweet bag. Already exceeding expectations!

I’m a dude, so to a large degree soap is soap, but after two weeks of using the goods, I’m pleased.

All of the products smell like a dude, in a good way. But keep in mind, that means they are strong…which has pros and cons.

Taking a shower with the soap followed by applying the deodorant and a squeeze to the Mrs. can lead to choking on the strength of the dude smell, but hours later, a squeeze at the end of the day still elicits oohs and ahhs about how good you smell.

So, overall a score for Dove soap. It’s Dude Approved!

And let this be a tri-fold lesson to all of you corporate sponsors:

  1. The Dude can be bought,
  2. Exceed expectations, and
  3. The bar (sweet “soap” pun) has know been raised to free soap AND a bag.

Thanks again to Dove. It is now the Dude’s soap of choice.

You can find Dove Men + Care Facebook page here, where you can buy all the Dude Approved goods for yourself. Tell the Dude sent ya.

On a side note, we would need cable in order to actually watch TV, but the Dude has seen TV, and I’ve always been a big Simpsons fan. Great writing. So, when I accepted this lucrative offer from Dove, I immediately began referring to myself as Dove Man and in the classic Duff Man voice.

I don’t think Mrs. Dude has ever watched the Simpsons, but it’s been making me laugh for the last week.

Signing off, Dove Man…oh yeah!



Rock N’ Roll

Tattoos and guitar are very rock n’ roll; so in the spirit of enjoying a great Saturday rockin’ out with the fam, I have a couple tidbits to pass along.

  1. Kids love temporary tattoos…there’s something great about seeing artwork on your body. And to be fair, the Dude loves some ink too. So, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon these super awesome designer temporary tattoos.

Designer Temp Tats

Designer Temp Tats

2. Numero dos: Sweet perspective of a guitar being strummed.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday. Rock on!

Public Service Announcement: Save the Blog!

Do you remember the Public Service Announcements from the 80’s?! They were awesome!

Instead of a commercial for some sort of toy we didn’t need, our favorite cartoons (which if watched now are totally hilarious in their own right – Snorks?!) were sometimes randomly broken up by amazingly awesome announcements that the public must absolutely be aware of. Messages like cheese is a great snack, turn pot handles in on the stove, and my all-time favorite, school lunch is good.

The entire 80’s scene is priceless. Cheesy cheesiness played out to bad music.

I still find myself “hankering for a hunk-a. Slab-a slice-a, chunk-a.” And singing “Pizza! Spaghetti! Burgers!” from time to time. Oh, Chow Daddy.

Who woulda thunk PSA’s would have such a lasting effect? Where did they go? I miss you awesome PSA’s.

This PSA won’t carry that same 80’s super radness, but it must be shared.

Are you aware the blog is dieing? The blog, as a category of writing/communication, has entered its death spiral. And Facebook and Twitter are to blame (don’t forget to follow those links to my pages – wink, wink).

Yeah, not really. Blogs probably aren’t dead.  But I did read a story on Newser today – I look for my news in no more than two paragraphs – that said the number of new blogs is on the decline due to new technologies/websites like Facebook and Twitter.

I don’t think we’re headed towards the death of the blog, but I do think great blogs need support. I love blogs as a form of communication. Blogs give the ability of mass communication to everyone. They give power to the little guy. And that’s a good thing.

I learn much more from the blogs I follow than I ever have from the depressing news that pours from our tv’s. And the ideas I’m reading about our topics I’m deeply interested in.  Good blogs are worth supporting.

So, as my public service announcement, I would like to introduce you to two new blogs that were born last night. I didn’t ask for permission from these blogs, but I figure there are times in life when you need to head out on the ledge and take a chance…so I guess I’ll give a little push onto the ledge.

Drum-roll please.

World, say hello to Drama Train and Boomer Along the Watchtower.

Drama Train
Drama Train

Boomer Along the Watchtower
Boomer Along the Watchtower