Dove Man!

Dove Man

Dove Man

Well, the Dude is officially for sale.

After a year and a half and138 posts, the corporate sponsors are finally flocking to the land of the Dude.

Flocking?…perhaps a bit of an exaggeration. I got some free soap.

Mrs. Dude estimates the value of the package at $65. Not bad. So, a big thanks to Dove soap.

Dove contacted me asking if I would review their new men’s line of soap, and I’m not one to pass up some free soap.

A week or so later a box arrives addressed to “Dude,” and I was pleasantly surprised to find a great gift package. Two types of soap, deodorant, a scrubbing thing, and a sweet bag. Already exceeding expectations!

I’m a dude, so to a large degree soap is soap, but after two weeks of using the goods, I’m pleased.

All of the products smell like a dude, in a good way. But keep in mind, that means they are strong…which has pros and cons.

Taking a shower with the soap followed by applying the deodorant and a squeeze to the Mrs. can lead to choking on the strength of the dude smell, but hours later, a squeeze at the end of the day still elicits oohs and ahhs about how good you smell.

So, overall a score for Dove soap. It’s Dude Approved!

And let this be a tri-fold lesson to all of you corporate sponsors:

  1. The Dude can be bought,
  2. Exceed expectations, and
  3. The bar (sweet “soap” pun) has know been raised to free soap AND a bag.

Thanks again to Dove. It is now the Dude’s soap of choice.

You can find Dove Men + Care Facebook page here, where you can buy all the Dude Approved goods for yourself. Tell the Dude sent ya.

On a side note, we would need cable in order to actually watch TV, but the Dude has seen TV, and I’ve always been a big Simpsons fan. Great writing. So, when I accepted this lucrative offer from Dove, I immediately began referring to myself as Dove Man and in the classic Duff Man voice.

I don’t think Mrs. Dude has ever watched the Simpsons, but it’s been making me laugh for the last week.

Signing off, Dove Man…oh yeah!