MenEssentials: Smell Waaay Better than Your Grandmother on Fire.

MenEssentials Beard Gear

A few weeks ago the Dude was in need of some new beardscaping products.

I conducted the perfunctory Google investigation and turned up too much and too little. Too many options with too little details.

I quickly turned to Amazon and their highest sellers. Mistake.

The first time I oiled up the beard and slapped on some aftershave, Mrs. Dude responded with…

Sniff. Sniff. “What’s burning? You smell like a camp fire.” Sniff. Sniff. “And those spicy candies my grandmother always had. Pretty much my grandmother on fire.”

Not the review I was hoping for.

Thankfully, MenEssentials sensed a bearded bro in need.

A well-timed email, and the Dude had a box of beard gear waiting on the doorstep. Rad.

MenEssesntials gear is solid. Natural ingredients. Sweet smells. Healthy beard.

Waaay better than your grandmother in flames.

A couple favs: Bluebards Beard Wash + Bluebeards Wonder Beard

Happy bearding matey.

How To Transition from Movember to Winter Beard | A Dude’s Guide to Beard Care

We’ve reached a crucial point of transition in the annual calendar. November to December.

Thanksgiving to Christmas. Real world to holiday world.

Most importantly, Movember to Winter Beard.

You’re feeling good with your Movember scruff, right?

A chance to let the beard hair down. And now you’re supposed to shave it?!

The Winter Beard is your savior. The opportunity to hold onto your bearded freedom – at least until April.

If you’ve missed my previous love of facial hair, peep the links below. But to start, let’s do a quick refresher on why beards are the dopest of the dope.


I dig a good beard. Especially during the chilly winter months.

I’m not alone is this love. Here’s a groovy website dedicated to “the celebration of The Beard” – In fact, the December Beard is now a thing.

Despite my longstanding beard love, I’ve never taken the time to understand how to properly grow, groom and care for the winter whiskers.

Seems the start of Winter Beard season is the perfect opportunity for some facial follicle edification.

To start, we need to be honest with ourselves – Should you shave?

Use this handy infographic/flowchart to determine if you’re a candidate for a Winter Beard. We can’t all be beardos.

 Onward, beardo.

But how will the rest of the world deal with your righteous beard? The Art Of Manliness has you covered

Alright, the world is going to love your brawny beardedness. But how do you take care of your new companion?

Keep it trimmed. Keep it hydrated. Keep it looking sweet.

Your beard is a piece of art. Treat it with the respect it deserves.

How To Trim Your Beard; with Joey Tasca from Freemans (coincidence – no way! Beards = freedom) Sporting Club Barbershop – thanks Birchbox.

How to Shave Well; with Charlie King from London Barbers – gracias Mr. Porter.

Don’t forget to Mind the Line

GIF Guide How To Tame a Wild & Bushy Beard – hat tip Birchbox.

Beardsmen unite!

Tools of the Trade

A couple bonus items…

Dude’s Beard Links

The Beard, a Dude’s Best Friend: Young, Healthy, Handsome, Sunblock & Delicious Beer

Don't Worry My Dad Has a Beard

Don’t Worry My Dad Has a Beard

I’ve often professed my love for facial hair. The Dude is a card carrying member of Beard Team USA, and I even have a blog category dedicated to fun with facial hair.

It seems the beard really is a dude’s best friend…

Long live the beard.

PS – I scored some sweet beard oil for Father’s Day. Never used beard oil before, but I’m sold. The Dude is a smitten kitten. Smells great. Keeps the beardiness healthy, handsome, and shining. Color me impressed.

Freaker is Freakin’ Awesome!

The DudeI love awesomeness. Freakin’ awesomeness is even better!

The beauty of the intertubes is that awesomeness is hand delivered to me on the reg. Thank you interwebs.

I’ve mentioned Huckberry in a previous post, and if you haven’t checked them out – nay, subscribed! – then you must be a hater of all that is awesome.

Get wit it. The Huck is da bomb. (side note: my three year old loves to tell everyone he’s “Da Bomb!” Pretty hilarious.)

Today Huckberry sent some freakin’ awesomeness my way, and it’s definitely worth a pass along.

Check out Freaker. Love the idea…ok, it’s just a koozy, but everyone needs a koozy. And it’s about time the koozy was upgraded…to freakin’ awesome.

More than the rad product, I dig the Freaker style.

Right on Freaker. Great design. Great execution.

And they are right down the road from me in NC – Made in the US of A, baby! Beach bums from another mum.

Although, I suggest you head north if you’re looking for waves Freakers. And if you want to drop some Freaker awesomeness on the Dude’s doorstep.

Keep on truckin’ Freaker.

PS – Darn right I scooped up “The Dude” Freaker. Thanks for the awesome @Huckberry & @Freaker

Facial Hair Hits to the Big Screen

Don't Worry My Dad Has a Beard

Don't Worry My Dad Has a Beard

I’ve often professed my love for facial hair. The Dude is a card carrying member of Beard Team USA, and I even have a blog category dedicated to fun with facial hair.

Now one of my favorite subjects is headed to the big screen.

Mansome is a rad new movie dedicated to dudes and our love for facial follicles.

And to make the awesomeness of Mansome that much awesomer, the Executive Directors of the flick are Will Arnett and Jason Bateman of Arrested Development fame – amazingly funny yet canceled after a couple seasons…don’t fret, you can still find episodes on Netflix.

But on to Mansome


Russian Dude Trademarks the Goatee

Facial Hair Types

Facial Hair Types

I’ve only known a few Russian dudes in my day, but they’ve all seemed tough as nails. It’s not anything in particular; it’s just a vibe that the Ruskies give off.

Have you seen Putin?! Dude seems hardcore. I don’t want to piss any Russians off.

But I’m rocking a goatee, and that’s in direct conflict with the trademark law handed down by a Russian blogger. Not cool.

(I guess Russian bloggers practice trademark law now? Who knew?)

Ain’t that some shiznat?! The dude claims a trademark on the goatee. I like your style Ruskie. I like your style.

I’m planning to trademark the boxer brief. I wear them everyday. Been doing it for years. No boxers. No tightie whities.

Seems like I should be gettin’ some royalties from all you copycats. Just send along some dinero, and we’re good.

Here’s the catch. I was planning to shave the goatee, but last night I trimmed it just right. Now I’m digging it. Y’all know I love some facial hair. What’s a dude to do?

I think I’m going to wait for the cease and desist order…or until I have a Russian knocking on my door.

Although, this gives Mrs. Dude a good reason to shave it…hopefully she doesn’t team up with the Russians. I guess I’ll have to sleep with one eye open for multiple reasons.

Hard to Say Goodbye

Winter Beard - Final

Winter Beard - Final

After four and a half months, it was time to part ways. We made it through a lot together, but it had to end at some point.

When we flipped the seasonal script to Spring a couple weeks ago, the winter beard came off. It’s tough to destroy a creation I worked on for so long, but it’s kind of liberating. That thing was a beast.

It was the biggest beard I’ve had, and it was pretty sweet, but the Dude is ready for some spring.  I’m ready for warm days, veggies growing in the garden, and surf with something lighter than a lead suit.

Luckily Mrs. Dude surprised me with a great photo session to memorialize Winter Beard 2011. Don’t worry my Dad has a beard…awesome!

But before we sign off, take it away Boyz II Men…

Daily Pixels: Winter Beard

It’s officially Fall.  We’re past the day of candy begging.  It’s dark at 5PM these days.  A wet suit is a must for getting in the ocean.  And Turkey Day is less than two weeks away.

This can only mean one thing.  Time for the Winter Beard.

We are currently in the first stages of the Winter Beard.  It’s only been about two weeks (Oct. 30th), but I know it’s on the right track.

I stopped by the supermarket with Little Dude yesterday.  I wandered around the store with L.D. in the Bjorn, and we got all sorts of looks.  Perhaps it was L.D.’s cuteness that was overwhelming the passersby, but to the Dude, the looks had more of a strange than cute feel to them.  Given the beard and the Bjorn, perhaps our appearance conjured up memories of The Hangover.

Welcome back Winter Beard.  We’ve missed you.

My goal is for four months of growth.  A third of the year!…awesome!  We’ll see if my face, my employer, and Mrs. Dude can handle it.  Bring on the awesomeness.

Winter Beard