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Daily Pixels: Winter Beard

It’s officially Fall.  We’re past the day of candy begging.  It’s dark at 5PM these days.  A wet suit is a must for getting in the ocean.  And Turkey Day is less than two weeks away. This can only mean one thing. … Continue reading

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Daily Pixels: Kids are Awesome!

30 seconds!  Of Spinning!  And I missed 20 seconds before this. When was the last time you spun yourself in circles for 30 seconds?  Right, not since you were five. Kids are down with the purest forms of fun.  PS … Continue reading

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Daily Pixels: Round and Round

Mrs. Dude:  “Where’s your lunch box?” Princess:  “I have no idea.” Mrs. Dude:  “Think.” Without any thought.  The Princess:  “Oh yeah, it’s at school.” Adding too much information.  The Princess:  “I only ate half.” Mrs. Dude:  The stink-eye, without uttering a … Continue reading

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Week 15 – Time for a Trim

Some babies don’t have hair by week 15.  Little Dude, time for the first haircut. Little Dude popped out with a full head of hair.  Which is a bit startling considering the Dude’s dome is hairless. I was begging Mrs. Dude … Continue reading

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