Hard to Say Goodbye

Winter Beard - Final

Winter Beard - Final

After four and a half months, it was time to part ways. We made it through a lot together, but it had to end at some point.

When we flipped the seasonal script to Spring a couple weeks ago, the winter beard came off. It’s tough to destroy a creation I worked on for so long, but it’s kind of liberating. That thing was a beast.

It was the biggest beard I’ve had, and it was pretty sweet, but the Dude is ready for some spring.  I’m ready for warm days, veggies growing in the garden, and surf with something lighter than a lead suit.

Luckily Mrs. Dude surprised me with a great photo session to memorialize Winter Beard 2011. Don’t worry my Dad has a beard…awesome!

But before we sign off, take it away Boyz II Men…