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A Sweet Dude Family Vaca Highlights My Varied Geographic Past: Y’all vs. You Guys!

The Dudes have just returned from an awesome family vaca at the beach. Eight adults, three kids, and four bedrooms. Yikes! Awesome family time… Gorgeous sunrises… A couple too many margaritas… Boat times… And lots of xoxoxo’s… But one of … Continue reading

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The Most Important Journey: Dude to Dad

Seriously? Almost a month without a post. Geesh. Get with it, Dude! All I can say is: 3 kids. Enough. So, I missed a Father’s Day post. That’s a home run post for the Dude! Dang kids! (shaking my fist … Continue reading

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Catching Up with the Dude’s: Big Boy Undies, Getting Published & Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

Happy Summer y’all! It’s official. Get out there and soak up that vitamin D. But first, a quick Dude Family update. Big Boy Undies I guess Little Dude likes to wait until his birthday to cross milestones off his to-do … Continue reading

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The Beard, a Dude’s Best Friend: Young, Healthy, Handsome, Sunblock & Delicious Beer

I’ve often professed my love for facial hair. The Dude is a card carrying member of Beard Team USA, and I even have a blog category dedicated to fun with facial hair. It seems the beard really is a dude’s best friend… Beards Keep … Continue reading

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Happy 4th Anniversary Mrs. Dude – Love The Dude…and Old Gregg

The Mrs. and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. Amazing. How does time move so quickly? Remember when a school day seemed long? And a school year?! Insanely long. Now, life is moving at a lightning pace. 4 years! … Continue reading

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Dude’s Handcrafted Tree House – A Fortress of the Mind

Yesterday, we visited Nina & Rex – aka Mrs. Dude’s parental units. After adding the finishing touches, Rex surprised the kiddos by rolling this beauty out to the water… As we admired Rex’s fine craftsmanship, Granny reminisced about when Pop … Continue reading

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Happy Mom’s Day from the Dude, The President & Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right…Fool!

Well, what do ya know?! The Dude has returned. It’s been almost four months, but the Dude is back. More on my hiatus later. For now, I’d like to wish all the Mama Bears a happy Mother’s Day. Moms, we … Continue reading

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Space is Super Cool

The Dude has always been a lover of space. The infinite, unknown is very cool. Limitless opportunity. A quick glance up, and you realize quickly how small we are and how little we know. Mi padre was a stargazer and … Continue reading

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Dude Nesting?

We are days away from adding a new mouth to the Dude Clan. We will officially be out numbered any day! Mrs. Dude has gone from, “we better make it passed Christmas,” to “this baby is coming soon!” I’m not … Continue reading

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The Dude + Bo Jackson = Man Crush

The Dude’s new gig requires some road trippin’. I hate to be away from the fam. For real. I don’t even like to leave the house. I work from home these days, and I challenge myself to see how many … Continue reading

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