A Sweet Dude Family Vaca Highlights My Varied Geographic Past: Y’all vs. You Guys!

The Dudes have just returned from an awesome family vaca at the beach. Eight adults, three kids, and four bedrooms. Yikes!

Awesome family time…

Photo: Even people that live at the beach take a beach vacation. @caseybradshaw #topsailvaca2013

Gorgeous sunrises…

Here comes the sun. #topsailvaca2013

A couple too many margaritas…

Photo: Margarita day...  @alexbradshaw @caseybradshaw #topsailvaca2013

Boat times

Photo: Boat times with Rex. @bradshawtk #topsailvaca2013

And lots of xoxoxo’s…

Photo: Me and my biggest babies. Waaaaahhhhh I want to go back to vacation!!! Best Christmas present ever! #topsailvaca2013

But one of the things I learned on this awesome excursion is that my varied geographic background is still evident in my linguistics. Huh?

Despite that fact that the Dude is a whole-hearted southerner who is not afraid to muscle “y’all” into a conversation or two, my northern roots are still evident when I’m not paying attention.

Mrs. Dude’s “Mimi” asked about my origin based on my natural use of “you guys” as we conversated. Dang, y’all!

Oh well, I’m actually pretty fond of my unique northern linguistic roots…jimmies, bubbler, packie! Heck yeah.

Here’s a pretty awesome review of 22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Different from Each Other.

My favs…

  • Y’all vs. You guys
  • It’s a rotary, gosh darn it!
  • Water fountain = bubbler
  • Sneakers, not tennis shoes (although, I do like “go fasters” as a quick hijack from the military)
  • Brew Thrus are my jam!
Let's ignore the East Coast/West Coast split and notice that Wisconsin and Rhode Island call a water fountain a "bubbler."

Hat tip to Fast Company for sharing the love.


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