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That’s Tight! (TGT) The Dude Can Finally Grow Up.

My Mom’s prayers have been answered. The Dude can finally carry a wallet. Here’s the “wallet” I’ve been carrying for years. Sweet hairbands, right? Momzilla has tried numerous times to buy her bambino an actual wallet. But it’s just not … Continue reading

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The Dude Has Always Wanted To…Blow Glass

If I have an idea, I tend to give it a whirl. Thanks to a wise sage (Mr. S. Barry :)), I tend to live by the motto of “Be the Expert.” Wise words, right? We’re all just faking our … Continue reading

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The Real Dude – i.e. The Dude Behind The Dude

A little music to introduce today’s post… Welcome back. The Dude took an unexpected hiatus for a while. An end of summer vacation, I guess. Almost a month and a half without blogging. No strong reason other than my attention … Continue reading

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Hofstadter’s Law: Why the Dude’s Projects Always Take Longer Than Planned

The Dude has been on a slow blog roll for a couple weeks. A week or so ago I mentioned that Mrs. Dude has me working a 2nd job as a painter, and the sun room painting project has been consuming my … Continue reading

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Blogging is More Important Than Ever

Monopolies are no bueno. Parker Brothers taught us this a long time ago with the board game. We all know that by the end of a game of Monopoly – once all the power has been consolidated in the winners … Continue reading

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Dude’s Workout

Happy belated Memorial Day. Hope you had a great unofficial start to the summer. Memorial Day is one of the best holidays – other than the whole memorializing dead people thing – because of the all the promise the upcoming … Continue reading

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Practical Tips from a Burglar

The Dude has been burglarized on a few occasions; a few cars, a couple houses, and an array of locations. I recovered some goods, lost some, but overall none of the instances were earth-shattering. I did feel a bit unlucky – karma?…not sure … Continue reading

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Finish Strong

I’m a big fan of the story of this dude Nate Ebner. I spent a large portion of my life living outside of Boston. And as a result, Boston sports have been ingrained in me. Boston is a pretty crazy … Continue reading

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It Will Bring a Tear to a Dude’s Eye…

This time-lapse video of a young girl aging from zero to 12 has been shared quite a bit the past couple days – gone viral as the cool kids like to say. It is very cool to watch how kids progress. But … Continue reading

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Getting Old is Comical

That title is true, but it’s not the whole truth. Getting old can be hard too, but maybe with the right perspective the hilarity can outweigh the challenges. I’m not old enough to face the full onslaught of age, but … Continue reading

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