Practical Tips from a Burglar

The Dude has been burglarized on a few occasions; a few cars, a couple houses, and an array of locations. I recovered some goods, lost some, but overall none of the instances were earth-shattering. I did feel a bit unlucky – karma?…not sure for what.

While my life did roll on normally, I can say that it does leave a creepy, violated feeling that lingers for a while. However, I really don’t think of it much, and I don’t view the world as a negative place with thieves around every corner. Although, I do consciously lock my doors, and I have a baseball bat next to my bed – as a dad, these precautions just make practical sense.

These anomalies to my everyday life don’t come to mind too often, but I saw a neat post on, and since I can relate, I figured it was worth sharing. Some common sense ideas that we should all have lodged in our mental space.

Tips from burglars. And after reading the list, I can say that if I followed these, I probably could have avoided some of the violations.

Worth a quick read…

13 Things a Burglar Won’t Tell You

A Revolution for Your Kicks?!



Are you ready to revolutionize your sneakers? Is the world ready for this revolution?

No more laces?!

Kind of reminds me of McFly’s sneakers from Back to the Future. I’m not sure the Dude is ready for this revolution, but I’m thinking it’s kind of brilliant.

If silly-bands caught on, there must be room in the world for…


Welcome to a world without laces. A world where every shoe is a slip-on.

Get ready, Hickies are taking over the world.

Hats off to SwissMiss for sharing the revolution. You can join the Hickies KickStarter campaign here.