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Say It Ain’t So: TSA for Kids

A few weeks ago, I threatened to start a series of posts categorized as “Say It Ain’t So,” where the Dude could wax poetically about the ridiculousness of the world we live in. I was half joking, but I continue to be … Continue reading

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Let’s Paint

How rad is this little princess?! The Dude is a believer that we all have art inside of us. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to get it out. My guess is that art vibe gets buried deeper … Continue reading

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Say It Ain’t So: Kidzania

Are we really building “amusement parks” where we are willing to pay for kids to be exposed to mass marketing/consumerism and work in a mini-world as mini-adults?! It seems like we are. Kidzania hasn’t arrived in the US yet, but … Continue reading

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Week 17: Occupational Hazards

“Does he smell?” As she holds his ass in the air. And the Dude’s first reaction is to lean over for  a sniff!?  “Nope.” Later the same day, as I dozed off on the couch for an afternoon siesta, Mrs. … Continue reading

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Daily Pixels: Kids are Awesome!

30 seconds!  Of Spinning!  And I missed 20 seconds before this. When was the last time you spun yourself in circles for 30 seconds?  Right, not since you were five. Kids are down with the purest forms of fun.  PS … Continue reading

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Santa Has Rules

Rain on the weekend is usually a bummer.  But after a 12 hour shift of manual labor on Saturday, a rainy Sunday is somewhat of a blessing. I intended to catch-up on some yard work and clean up the work … Continue reading

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Week Nine – Chaos

Six kids.  One roof. 8 weeks, 11 weeks, 2, 4, 5, and 6 years. There is no way to describe week nine other than chaos.  Pure, unadulterated chaos. We had the pleasure of my sister and the kids visiting from … Continue reading

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Daily Pixels: Free Ride

To help occupy the munchkins, and attempt to tire them out, a day was spent crabbing and swimming.  Luckily, Mrs. Dude’s parents have a chocolate lab the size of a small horse that loves to swim and doesn’t mind four … Continue reading

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You Can Call Life Whatever You Want

A general theme is developing around the Dude’s house, and it’s a theme developed by a five year old princess; “You Can Call Life Whatever You Want.” The original discussion centered around the word “water.”  The Princess pronounces water “wuter;” … Continue reading

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