You Can Call Life Whatever You Want

A general theme is developing around the Dude’s house, and it’s a theme developed by a five year old princess; “You Can Call Life Whatever You Want.”

The original discussion centered around the word “water.”  The Princess pronounces water “wuter;” it could be a southern thing.  The Dude asked her about this, and the Princess explained that water and wuter are the same thing.   The Dude must have appeared perplexed because this was followed by “You can call life whatever you want.”  And the overriding household theme began.

It seems like this phrase is referenced on a daily basis, like when freckles are referred to as nipples (as in “How did you get nipples on your hand?” or “You have a nipple on your face.”) or zucchini is referenced as bikini (As in “I don’t want any bikinis on my plate.”).

However, it has morphed into a justified reason for almost all of the nuances of life, like a tooth fairy debate:  Princess proclaims, “The tooth fairy brings gold coins.”  Dude responds, “I’m not so sure about that.”  Princess follows with “That’s ok, you can call life whatever you want.”

2 thoughts on “You Can Call Life Whatever You Want

  1. Somehow I missed this when originally posted. Glad I just like to peruse the blog. It is a great one from the Princess. Where do they come up with these things?
    P.S. You can get actual $1 gold coins at the bank… that is what the tooth fairy brings at our house. One tooth = Once “GOLD” coin. Seems very special and eliminates the discussions about the obscene amounts of money some kids get…at least for now. Perhaps she learned about it here…hehehe only one of the many I am sure 🙂

  2. Thanks for perusing.

    I like the gold coin idea (plus it’s probably a good idea to own gold these days), but that will require an added trip to the bank. We’ll see how motivated the Tooth Fairy is.

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