Pixels: Happy New Year



Just like many other New Years Eve celebrations, the Dude house rang in 2011 with copious amounts of vomit. Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy any of the benefits of overindulgence that usually accompany New Years revelry.

The Dude and The Princess rang in the New Year with our heads in the toilet thanks to a tummy bug that stowed away in our luggage from The Lady in a Shoe’s house.  Mrs. Shoe’s house not only incubates chaos, but also germs.  As a result, Casa de Dude resembled, and smelled like, a frat house as the ball dropped.

Thankfully, Mrs. Dude and Little Dude have escaped the bug so far.  And a big thanks goes out to the Mrs. for working into the wee hours of the morning taking care of the sickies (and the infant).

Thanks again for a great visit Lady in a Shoe.  However, in the future, please make sure your germs pass through customs before following us home.

The good news is that starting from the toilet, 2011 has no where to go but up.  Here’s to a great 2011!