Why is Steve Jobs Torturing Me?! [How to Save Your iPhone Battery & Data Plan.]

Look at that picture. Steve’s gloating, right?!

He is laughing at the torture he has rained down upon us mere mortals.

Not only has he attached a radiation inducing mini-computer firmly in my front pocket, but now he’s picking away at my sanity.

How is it that my iPhone battery dies sooooo quickly?!

And how – on God’s Steve’s green Earth – could I be using ALL of my data plan?!

After searching high and low to solve this conundrum, this is the best list of trouble-shooting tips I’ve found to save your iPhone battery and your data plan. Simple with solid explanations/directions.

Go defeat Steve!

Via con dios.

PS – Your battery runs when your data runs. Save your battery, save your data. 

Have You Seen the New Google Glasses?! Data, Dude, Data.

Check this out. Google’s new glasses are wild. Plastering data everywhere. Amazing. And scary at the same time.


While we’re on the subject of data, how about a New York Times story about a former Google employee that is now building the “one of the world’s largest and most accurate repositories of facts.” Factual.

  • If you buy a used car, your best bet is an orange one.

And there’s a good reason. Vital information. Data is amazing.